The Real Story about RGC...



RGC SDN. BHD. has been in Motorcycle industries for more than 12 years. Our company involve actively in most local Motorcycle races, specifically Off Road Races, i.e. Malaysia Motocross or Enduro races. RGC SDN. BHD. distributes international brands such as EVS protection gears, ONE INDUSTRIES products, NO TOIL air filters, PROX performance Parts, UFO Plastics, Motion Pro Performance hardware, DRC and ZETA Racing parts, racing gears like goggles, gloves, off road water bags from SCOTT USA and etc.


RGC SDN. located in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, which is about 85 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur.

We are the official Distributor of the following International MX Performance parts & accessories brands:


(1) PROX Performance Parts from Holland - Pistons, Connecting Rods, Beaings, Gaskets and etc.

(2) DRC & ZETA Racing Parts from Japan - Hardguards, Brake/Clutch Levers, Fork Top Bleeders, Chain Rollers, Rim Locks...etc.

(3) UFO parts from Italy - Plastic Covers/Guards, Gloves, Riding Pants & Jerseys, Chain Guide, Chain Sliders

(4) EVS protection gears - Chest Protector, Kidney Belts, Knee/Elbow Guards etc.

(5) SCOTT - Riding Accessories: Goggles, Gloves, Water Bags, Riding Pants/Jerseys etc.

(6) ONE INDUSTRIES products - Riding Pants/Jerseys,Dirt bikes body Graphic Kits, MX Merchants like casual Tees and Pants etc.

(7) NO TOIL - Air Filters

(8) MOTION PRO -Hardwares and special tools for MX: Brake/Clutch Assembly, Levers, Repairing Tools etc.

(9) MATRIX Riding Transport tools - Ramps, Bike Stand, Bike Repairing mat etc

We strongly support Malaysia motorcycle sports and we will continue to serve our dealers & customers better in the long run. Your order can be sent by any required prepaid freight service. For local market, we would normally send by prepaid express parcel service.